The Moose River Gold Mine disaster occurred. “The roof of the mine collapsed, trapping three men, Herman Magill, Dr. David Robertson and Alfred Scadding, 150 feet down for 11 days. The men were reached by drilling a borehole on the sixth day to send food, water and a telephone till the rescue was completed. Robertson and Scadding survived and Magill died on the seventh day. The event was broadcast by J. Frank Willis of the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission (CRBC) to over 650 radio stations throughout North America, with an estimated 100 million listeners. It was also picked up by the BBC and broadcast to Europe. It was the first live 24-hour radio coverage of a breaking news story in Canada.”(Creative Commons). (1st Photo: J. Allister Bowman, district plant superintendent, Maritime Tel & Tel, using earphones to listen for entombed men. N.S. Archives. 2nd Photo: J. Frank Willis conducting an interview on-site.)