Jerry Lonecloud died. Also known as Germain (or Jeremiah) Bartlett Alexis, Jerry Bartlett or in Mi’kmaq as Slme’n Laksi (Haselmah Luxcey), he was born in Belfast, Maine, in 1854 and became a well-known Mi’kmaw guide, herbalist and folklorist. Both his parents were from Nova Scotia and he later settled for a time in Bear River. He passed on many oral histories and folk tales to Harry Piers, curator of the Provincial Museum (see January 24, 1940), and to Clarissa Archibald Dennis (see February 26, 1958). His grandfather (Tom Philips) had been a native hunting guide for British army officers garrisoned at Halifax. He travelled in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and Healey and Bigelow’s Medicine Show — where he was give the name “Dr. Lone Cloud.” He had lived in Liscomb, and then later in the Tufts Cove/Turtle Grove area where he lost two daughters in the Halifax Explosion. He also lost one eye and all his possessions. Historian Ruth Holmes Whitehead wrote of Lonecloud, “Ethnographer of the Micmac nation could rightly have been his epitaph, his final honour.” (Photo: Jerry Lonecloud (1854–1930), well known Mi’kmaw guide, herbalist and folklorist. N.S. Archives).