Agnes Dennis died (b. 1859). A former president of the Victorian Order of Nurses (VON), from 1901 to 1946, and the Red Cross, she mobilized nurses and relief efforts during the First World War. She also helped in coordinating assistance after the Halifax Explosion in 1917. She was considered part of a growing cadre of affluent, educated and experienced Nova Scotian women who sought social change for women. She was the mother of ten children. One of her daughters was Clarissa (Clara) Archibald Dennis, a noted photographer and journalist in the ’30s. (Also see Clarissa Dennis, February. 26, 1958.) Her husband, William, began work as a reporter with the Halifax Herald (1875–1881) and became editor-in-chief and president in 1890. (Photo: Agnes Dennis and her husband,William.. N.S. Archives).