New England colonial forces, under the command of William Pepperrell (1696–1759) and Commodore Peter Warren (1703–1752), arrived at Canso en route to Louisbourg. They began their attack on May 11. Louisbourg surrendered six weeks later on June 28. One hundred and one New Englanders were killed and over 1,200 would later die of disease and the cold through the winter occupation of 1745–46. The English governor put in charge of the Fort after its surrender, Charles Knowles, wrote, “I have struggled hard to weather the winter, which I’ve done thank God, tho was not above three times out of my room for five months — I am convinced I shou’d not live out another winter at Louisbourg.” (Painting: The Capture of Louisbourg, 1745, artist unknown. Library and Archives Canada).