Abbé Pierre Maillard died (b. 1710). A Roman Catholic priest in the Spiritan Order, he arrived at Louisbourg in 1735 as a missionary to the Mi’kmaq. Recognized by the French and British military authorities as an exceptional individual, he was also highly respected by the Mi’kmaq. He assisted in peacemaking and treaties between the British and Mi’kmaq in 1761 and up to the time of his death. He was buried in the Old Burying Ground. (His grave is now unmarked). Author Thomas Raddall wrote a short, but moving profile on the death of Abbé Maillard, beginning of Chapter 10 in Halifax Warden of the North; “He was mourned as much by the English as by the French and Indians, and since there was no other consecrated ground in which to bury him the lieutenant governor commanded a grave in St. Paul’s Cemetery. There was a long and solemn procession to the grave-yard. His pall was supported by the President of the Council, the Speaker of the House of Assembly and four other gentlemen, and Mr. Wood performed the office of burial according to our form (the Anglican) ‘in the presence of almost of all the gentlemen of Halifax and a very numerous assembly of French and Indians.’