The Naval Service of Canada was given royal sanction, becoming the Royal Canadian Navy. On May 4, 1910, the Naval Service Act had established the Canadian Navy. In addition to a regular force, the Act also included a reserve and a naval volunteer force, and a Royal Naval College, located in Halifax. The first Canadian servicemen to die in combat during the First World War were four cadets from this Royal Naval College — all born in Nova Scotia, who served as midshipmen onboard HMS Good Hope. They died at the Battle of Coronel, Nov. 1, 1914, off the coast of Chile. In 1968 the Navy was amalgamated with the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Canadian Army as the Canadian Armed Forces. But in 2011 the Navy was restored once again to the Royal Canadian Navy. (Photo: Captain Martin and naval cadets, Royal Naval College, Halifax, NS, 1912–13. McCord Museum, Norman Studios).