Ruth Miriam Goldbloom (née Schwartz) died (born 1923). Born in New Waterford, she was educated at Mount Allison and McGill, where she met her husband, Richard Goldbloom. They moved to Halifax in 1967. She became an active community member and fundraiser in many causes, such as health, the post-secondary sector and cultural institutions. Most notably, she cofounded the Pier 21 Society in 1990,
with founding President John P. LeBlanc and many other volunteers, raising $16 million to create a new
museum at the pier, which opened in 1999. It was designated the National Museum of Immigration in 2009. (Also see, Halifax’s Pier 21… January 22, 2009.) She was awarded many honorary degrees, made an Officer of the Order of Canada in April 2000 and awarded the Order of Nova Scotia in 2008 for her dedicated volunteer work in social, religious and heritage organizations in the province. (Also see, ‘Irving Schwartz…,’ August 27, 1929). (Photo: Ruth Schwartz attending an event honoring her mother’s 90th birthday, in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Saturday, 3 February 2012. Wikipedia Creative Commons).