Group of Seven artist Arthur Lismer, the director of the Victoria School of Art and Design in Halifax (1916 to 1919), wrote to the curator of the Art Gallery of Toronto concerning the damages caused at his school in the Halifax Explosion on December 6, but concludes, “Now all these are small things compared with the awful damage and death toll in the devastated area, that is indeed a woeful sight — and our 20,000 homeless (we are all caring for them) & the numerous blinded people — & the little children — a sight of any of these would depress the tenderest soul . . . my school is full of coffins now & all boarded up.” (Also see: The Halifax Explosion, December 6, 1917.). (Photo: Where the Five Fisherman’s Restaurant was later located. The Victoria School of Art and Design was on the top two floors above the Fleischmann Yeast Company. The school stored these coffins during preparations to bury the dead from the Halifax Explosion.)