John Frederic Herbin died in Wolfville (b. 1860 in Windsor). He was an author, poet, historian, politician and jeweller. He learned the jewellry and watchmaker trade under his father, and by 1885 he established Herbin Jewellers in Wolfville, where he spent the rest of his life (the business continued after his death). He was mayor of Wolfville from 1902 to 1903. He was the author of Canada and Other Poems (1891), The Marshlands (1893), Grand Pré (1898), The Heir to Grand Pré (1907) and Jen of the Marshes (1921). Literary historian Gwendolyn Davies observed that Herbin was “ . . . a torch keeper of the Acadian past through his literary work and his endeavours to promote a park at Grand Pré . . . most effectively contributed to the nation-building spirit of both Acadians and Canadians during his lifetime.” (Also see National Historic Site, June 30, 2012.)