Nicholas Denys is granted all lands between Cape Canso and Cape Rosier (northeast New Brunswick). Denys was one of the most fascinating personalities from the early Acadian era of the 1630’s-1670’s in Nova Scotia. He was born in Tours, France in 1598, and died in Nepisiquit (current day Bathurst, N.S.) in 1688. He first arrived in Nova Scotia in 1632, but returned to France in 1636. Later he married and returned to Nova Scotia in 1642 and began to trade and live amongst the Mi’kmaw throughout N.S. and N.B. for over forty years, establishing a settlement at St. Pierre (now St. Peter’s, Nova Scotia), St. Anne (Englishtown, Nova Scotia) and Nepisiquit (Bathurst, N.B.). He later wrote about his experiences in 1672 (translated as Description and Natural History of the Coasts of North America), which made him the first Acadian author. The Nicolas Denys Museum in St. Peters, Nova Scotia, commemorates his life and times. (Photo: The Nicholas Denys Museum in St. Peter’s, Nova Scotia. Tourism Nova Scotia).