The Cape Breton Highlander begins publishing – it was a small, weekly labour newspaper printed in Sydney, Nova Scotia from 1963 until 1976. Often controversial, the paper covered items that both engaged (and at times enraged) its readers. Commenting in the July 6, 2015, Halifax Examiner (online), writer Silver Donald Cameron remembers The Highlander as; “…a wonderful paper, always getting into trouble. I remember Sandy Campbell, the big, bluff, cigar-smoking publisher, responding to one of his prominent critics with, “What can you expect from a pig but a grunt?” There was a kind of informal network of alternative publications in the region at the time (and beyond the region, too). We at The Mysterious East often ran stuff that had appeared elsewhere (e.g. in The Last Post, in Montreal), and my own writing (I wasn’t Silver yet) occasionally appeared in The Highlander, The Fourth Estate, The Square Deal (in Charlottetown) and The Alternate Press (St. John’s, NL). It was a great period. Keith Davey’s Senate Committee on Mass Media dubbed the alternative press across the country “the Volkswagen Press,” viewing us as a challenge to the mainstream not unlike the challenge to mainstream automakers posed by the Beetle. I think the only survivor is The Georgia Straight in Vancouver… It shouldn’t be forgotten.”