Max Ferguson was born in Britain (d. 2013). He came with his family at the age of three to London, Ontario. He started in radio broadcasting after graduating from the University of Western Ontario. He arrived at CBC Radio Halifax in 1947, where he began a popular radio show called Rawhide, featuring a wonderfully eccentric and caustic old curmudgeon introducing various pieces of “cowboy” music. The show was moved to Toronto in 1949, but he was able to move it back to Halifax in the mid-fifties. The show continued till 1962. He later hosted The Max Ferguson Show, which continued for many years. In the words of veteran broadcaster Michael Enright, Ferguson was “the CBC’s first major radio star.” Max Ferguson retired to Cape Breton in 1998 after a fifty-two year radio broadcasting career. (Photo: Max Ferguson gained notoriety portraying different characters on the CBC Radio show Rawhide, which featured country music.