Winston ‘Scotty’ Fitzgerald was born at White Point, Victoria County, Cape Breton (d. 1987). He became a renowned Cape Breton fiddler and a pioneer in recorded performances of music, which influenced later generations of players. He began playing at the age of eight and, while working in the shipyards in Halifax during the 1930s, he played with Hank Snow. (Also see Hank Snow, May 9, 1914.). In fact, as John Donald Cameron has pointed out, it was Hank Snow who gave Fitzgerald the name “Scotty.” As a veteran of the Second World War, Fitzgerald later settled in Sydney, formed a group and recorded numerous 78s and LPs. His popularity grew further when he was featured as a member of the Cape Breton Symphony Fiddlers (formed in 1974, beginning with Wilfred Gillis, Jerry Holland, Bobby Brown, Tom Szcyesniak, Peter Magadini, John Donald Cameron, Angus Chisholm, Fitzgerald and John Allan Cameron), which played on The John Allan Cameron Show — first on CTV Montreal, and later moved to CBC Halifax (1979–1981). The symphony played for over twenty-nine years. (Also see John Allan Cameron, November. 22, 2006.)