Halifax Regional Municipality Mayor Peter Kelly apologized to the people of Africville on behalf of City Council for the destruction of their community nearly forty years before, mainly between 1964 and 1967. The last resident in Africville left in 1970. The apology included the allocation of some land, the restoration of the Africville name (changing from Seaview Park back to Africville) and $3 million for the construction of a replica of the Seaview United Baptist church that had stood at the geographic and emotional heart of Africville till 1967 (established in 1849 as the Campbell Road Baptist Church), which now houses the Africville Museum. For many years, the people of Africville had worked to achieve a settlement. Africville was named a National Historic Site in 2002. The apology also included the establishment of the Africville Heritage Trust that would carry out the work for the design and building of the museum. (Photo credit: The Spirit of Africville).