Anna Harriette Leonowens (née Edwards) died in Montreal (b. 1831 in India). For nearly two decades (1878–1897), she lived in Halifax with her daughter Avis and son-in-law, Thomas Fyshe, who was general manager of the Bank of Nova Scotia. She had been a governess and tutor to the King of Siam’s sixty-seven children and wrote an autobiography of her experience called The English Governess at the Siamese Court (1870). Her son, Louis Leonowens, opened the first hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, called The Mandarin Oriental, in 1876. While in Halifax, Anna was an active supporter of the arts, education and literature. She left Halifax in 1897, but her name and memory live on in an art gallery, the Anna Leonowens Gallery, connected to the art school she began (first as the Victoria School of Art and Design), later known as the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.