Harry Piers died (b. 1870). A librarian, curator, naturalist, historian, artist, editor and author, his family roots went back to the establishment of the Halifax settlement in 1749. By 1899, Piers was the deputy keeper of public records and helped complete in 1911 the cataloguing of Thomas Beamish Akins’s early historical settlement records. In 1927 he authored a biography of Nova Scotia portrait-painter Robert Field, entitled Robert Field, Portrait Painter in Oils, miniature and Water-Colours and Engraver. In 1931, Piers became the curator of the Provincial Museum and the librarian for the Provincial Science Library. As a natural historian, he did extensive inventories in botany and geology, and later in anthropology with the
collections of Mi’kmaq artifacts and in the oral and written accounts of such Mi’kmaq elders as Jerry Lonecloud. He was also active in the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society.