The first weekly issue of the Novascotian under Joseph Howe was published. A year earlier, Howe had been joint owner with James Spike of the Weekly Chronicle newspaper, which later changed its name to the Acadian. But by December 1827, at the age of twenty-eight, Howe relinquished his share in the Acadian and purchased the Novascotian from George young. A month later, he married Catherine Susan Ann (née McNab) and they went on to publish the Novascotian. (Also see McNab, July 5, 1890). Soon after beginning the paper, Howe travelled extensively throughout Nova Scotia and published his impressions in Western Rambles (1828); Eastern Rambles (1829–1831); and Letters from the Interior (1832). By 1839, there were thirteen newspapers being published in Nova Scotia — nine in Halifax, one in Yarmouth, two in Pictou and one in Lunenburg. (Image credit: Joseph Howe, lithograph by C. G. Crehen, 1854 from an earlier portrait painted in 1851).