Dr. Carrie Best died in New Glasgow (b. in Halifax, 1903). A journalist, radio broadcaster, social activist, author and respected leader of the African-Nova Scotian community, she founded (with her son, James C. Best) the first African-Nova Scotian–owned newspaper, the Clarion. The paper, which began publishing in 1946, was renamed in 1949 the Negro Citizen and continued until 1956. In her first issue, December 1946, Best broke the story of Viola Desmond’s arrest and refusal to relinquish her seat in a “whites-only” section at the Roseland cinema in New Glasgow. (Also see Desmond, February 7, 1965.). (Image: Carrie Best postage stamp, Canada: 59-cents. Date of issue, 1 February 2011. © Canada Post).