A hundredth anniversary commemoration ceremony for the No. 2 Construction Battalion (formed on July 5, 1916), Canada’s first and only black battalion was held at the deCoste Centre, Pictou. Over 500 members of the Nova Scotia black community volunteered for service with No. 2 Construction Battalion, and the unit also included 165 African Americans, along with volunteers from the British West Indies and Guyana. Before proceeding to France, the unit was 300 men understrength and was reorganized as a reinforced Construction Company of 19 officers and 605 men (500 of them from Nova Scotia) under the command of Lt.-Col. Daniel Sutherland. After arriving in England the company was attached to the Canadian Forestry Corps. In addition to No. 2 Construction Battalion, over 1,500 African Canadians served in other units of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, including 400 in infantry battalions.(Photo-1: Some members of the No. 2 Construction Battalion formed on July 5, 1916, Canada’s first and only black battalion. Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia). ().