World travel writer (1831–1904) arrived in Halifax on the Cunard Royal Mail steamship the Canada, just in from Liverpool, England, after a nine-day voyage. Bird was travelling with her cousins from PEI (the Swabeys) who had been visiting in London. After a two-day stay in Halifax they left at 6 p.m. by stagecoach to Truro, then on to Pictou to catch a steamer to Charlottetown. Bird would stay in PEI for six weeks before leaving on a steamer, and then a train for
Boston. Over the summer and early fall she visited Cincinnati, Chicago, Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Montreal, Quebec, New York and Boston. From there she returned to England on the Cunard steamship America, stopping off once again in Halifax on November 22. In 1892, she would become the first woman to be elected as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and in 1897 to the Royal Photographic Society. At the age of 64, she would travel to China in 1895-96 and later published a book on her travels entitled The Yangtze Valley and Beyond: An Account of Journeys in China, Chiefly in the Province of Sze Chuan and among the Mau-tze of the Somo Territory, by Mrs. J.F. Bishop (Isabella L. Bird). (Painting: The Halifax and Pictou Coach En Route, 1857, by Gaspard LeMarchant Tupper. From The Artists’ Halifax, Mora Dianne O’Neill.