The new French governor of Île Royale (the future Cape Breton), Charles des Herbiers de La Ralière
(1700–1752), arrived in Louisbourg with two eighty-gun ships and twenty transports, with 2,000 returning French civilians and 1,000 soldiers. Under the terms of the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle (1748), Louisbourg had been returned to the French. The British commander on site, Peregrine
Thomas Hopson (1685–1759), handed the keys over to des Herbiers. In late July, the French and their
transports assisted in moving Hopson and his troops to Halifax where Governor Edward Cornwallis had just begun to establish a British settlement (also see June 21, 1749). Des Herbiers would return to France in 1751, being replaced by Governor Jean-Louis, Comte de Raymond (1702–1771).