Annie Mae Aquash (Pictou) was born in Indian Brook (Mi’kmaq name Naguset Eask). She later moved to Boston and became involved in the American Indian Movement in the Wounded Knee incident. She disappeared in late 1975, and her body was found in February 1976 on a desolate road near the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. The cause of her death was covered up, but later evidence and charges came forward. Three men within the American Indian Movement had raped and murdered her with an execution-style gunshot. She had been falsely accused of being an FBI informant. In 2002, Mi’kmaw filmmaker Catherine Martin produced a film about Annie Mae, called The Spirit of Annie Mae, where, among others, she featured Annie Mae’s two daughters. Daughter Denise Maloney commented in the Truro Daily News that “Indians tried to paint my mother’s murder as some sinister, ‘Big Government’ conspiracy, when in fact it has nothing to do with that. She was killed by her own people.” (January 6, 2011).