As a result of the American War of Independence (also known as the American Revolution, 1775–1783), the British had to evacuate Boston and set sail for Halifax. General Howe’s army began to arrive in Halifax on this day from Boston with 11,000 troops and 1,100 civilians. More arrived on April 1. By 1782–83, 25,000 to 30,000 Loyalists would arrive in Nova Scotia, almost doubling the colony’s population. Over half would move to settle in what became the province of New Brunswick, as well as the colony of Cape Breton. Two-thirds of the people in Nova Scotia at this time were of Yankee birth or parentage. (Painting: Part of the Town and Harbour of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Looking Down Prince Street to the Opposite Shore, 1777, by Dominic Serres after Richard Short. Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.)