Nina Cohen (née Fried) died in Toronto (b. Glace Bay, March 17, 1907). She was a well-known community activist from Glace Bay who “dedicated herself to many social reform and cultural causes throughout the province from the 1930s–70s.” She was also a founding member of the Miners’ Folk Society in 1964 (with sixty charter members), and the Cape Breton Miner’s Museum, “. . . in the face of considerable skepticism.” She received the Canadian Red Cross Medal of Merit, and Woman of the Century 1867–1967 for the province of Nova Scotia and for the National Council of Jewish Women. Nina Cohen once said, “The Cape Breton miner is no ordinary man. His story has a heartbeat; it should not be allowed to die.” (Also see Cape Breton Miners’ Museum: July 31, 1967.)