King’s College in Windsor received a royal charter from King George III, becoming the first university in what would become Canada. It was founded in November 1788 as the King’s Collegiate School by resettled Anglician Loyalists as a boys’ residential school (called the Academy). In 1788, it opened with seventeen students. A year later, the University of King’s College emerged from the collegiate. A major fire would occur in February of 1920, and it was decided to move the college to Halifax in 1923, leaving the boys’ collegiate at the original site in Windsor. In 1976, the school amalgamated with the girls’ Edgehill School to form King’s-Edgehill School, receiving royal assent in 1982. The University of King’s College in Halifax is the oldest chartered university in Canada and the first English-speaking university in the Commonwealth outside the UK. The former site of King’s College in Windsor was designated a National Historic Site of Canada on May 25, 1923.