The Halifax-Chronicle reports that on the occasion of their 2000th performance, the Halifax Concert Party Guild has collected supplies valued at $11,510,000. which were made available to ships of any country and to all military units in transit through Halifax. As Patrick O’Neill noted in The Halifax Concert Party in World War II; “…a little office in the rear of Mills Brothers clothing store on Spring Garden Road was action-central…beginning in January 1940, the Halifax Concert Party provided as many as seven shows a day, and throughout the war averaged 10-15 shows weekly with some 20 artists in each concert. When a request for a show came to the Halifax Concert Party office, Hugh Mills, his wife Jean, and his sister Gertrude swung into action. Phone calls were made to a roster of more than 700 civilian and military performers who had indicated a willingness to perform…ready at a moment’s notice to be perfromed anywhere and everywhere – church halls, social clubs, military bases…”