Mi’kmaq and Maliseet warriors raided two islands on the northern outskirts of the fortified Township of Lunenburg, (John) Rous Island and Payzant Island (later renamed Covey Island). French reports tell of twenty settlers being killed and five taken prisoner. This raid was the first of nine the warriors would conduct against the peninsula over a three-year period. Louis Payzant was killed in one attack, while his wife, Marie-Anne, and their four children were kidnapped to Aukpaque (near what became Fredericton, NB), and taken later to Quebec. They returned to Nova Scotia in 1759 and settled in the Falmouth area. His son, John Payzant (1749–1834), would later write of his experiences being held captive. By 1756, the Halifax settlement was enclosed within a line of forts and batteries. (Also See Gov. Charles Lawrence… May14, 1756.). (Image:  John Brewse’s plan for fortifying Halifax, 1749.)