At 5:18 a.m. the Westray mining disaster occurred in Plymouth, Pictou County, killing the entire shift of twenty-six miners. Many people in the area felt their homes shake as a result of the explosion. It was Canada’s worst mining disaster since the Springhill mining disaster in 1958 that claimed seventy-five miners. The Westray mine opened in September 1991 and was owned and managed by Curragh Resources Inc. Of the twenty-six killed, eleven bodies were never recovered. Over a million dollars was raised in donations to the Westray Families Group, which was put aside to help the forty-two children who lost their fathers in the disaster. A list of those who died at Westray was published at: Alexa McDonough, leader of the Nova Scotia NDP Party at that time, said of the tragedy, “This was no act of God. This was an act of public policy.” On May 15, 1992, Justice K. Peter Richard was asked by the provincial government to conduct a public enquiry into the disaster. (Also see Westray, December 1, 1997.)