After three years of renovations, the Orthodox Lebanese community opened the new Saint Antonios Antiochian Orthodox Church. Inaugurated in 1980, St. Antonios began with 150 parishioners, but a growing community (e.g. from Syria, Greece, Turkey, and Russia) required a plan to accomodate their faithful in a larger facility. And as it turned out, the move was just across the street on the site of the Saint Matthias Anglican Church (1914), which was endangered for demolishment. As explained on the Saint Antonios web site: “The new Saint Antonios Church is a unique hybrid exhibiting architecture endemic to both the Orthodox and Anglican denominations, with patron Saints that are heralded by both faiths (Saint Antonios and Saint Matthias).” Services are often conducted in a mix of English, Arabic, and Greek. The community then launched the Lebanese Festival in Halifax in August 2002 to convey their thanks to fellow Nova Scotians. (Photo: The Saint Antonios Antiochian Orthodox Church, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Photographed by Leo J. Deveau.)