The transport Aquitania docks at Halifax, bringing back thousands of World War One soldiers from the battlefields of Europe. Later on December 14, the Olympic would dock with a further 5,354 soldiers. Shortly after, Group of Seven war artist Arthur Lismer would write of the ship’s arrival to a friend; “It was a magnificent sight – and is the most typical of all such subjects – there will be many such of course & I shall have good opportunity to study them.” (Lismer to Eric Brown, Director of the National Gallery, 24 Dec. 1918). Also see A.Y. Jackson, Feb. 3, 1919. (1st image above: The Transport Aquitania, Arthur Lismer. National Gallery of Canada). 2nd image below: Photo of the Aquitania docked in Halifax:
3rd image below: Lismer’s painting of ‘Olympic with Returned Soldiers,’