Stan Rogers was born in Ontario, but many Nova Scotians considered him one of their own, as his parents had deep roots in Guysborough County — a place where he spent many summers as a boy. He had a love for music from a young age, receiving his first guitar from an uncle when he was five years old. He played a twelve-string guitar during his many performances. He became known for his rich and passionate singing voice and for his finely crafted songs that harkened back to another time, including “Barrett’s Privateers”, “The Mary Ellen Carter”, “Northwest Passage” and many more. Rogers died tragically on June 2, 1983, on an Air Canada flight that made an emergency landing in Cincinnati due to a smoke-filled cabin. He and twenty-two other passengers succumbed to smoke inhalation. His ashes were later scattered in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Nova Scotia. The Stan Rogers Folk Festival in Canso was established in his honour in 1997 and now takes place the first weekend of July, showcasing Canadian and worldwide grassroots musicians in all genres, and attracting thousands of fans each year. (Photo: Stan Rogers.