Dr. Frances Wagner died in Falmouth, NS (b. Hamilton, Ontario, 1927). A feminist scientific pioneer, she was educated at the University of Toronto and Stanford University. In 1950, at the age of twenty-three, she began undertaking field research with the Geological Survey of Canada in the James Bay region. Her specialty was micropaleontology, in which she became a distinguished expert, providing insight into biogeological prehistory, and leading the way for other women in non-traditional fields. She arrived in Halifax in 1967 to work with the Bedford Institute of Oceanography (BIO). (Photo: Dr. Frances Wagner, centre, received a service certificate marking twenty-five years with the Geological Survey of Canada, in Dartmouth, NS, in 1975. To her left and right, respectively, were colleagues Dr. Dale Buckley and Dr. Bosko Loncarevic. Courtesy of the BIO newsletter. © Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, 2017.)