Susannah Woodhouse (Culverwell) Oland (1818–1885) and her husband, John James Dunn Oland (1819–1870), began their brewery in Dartmouth at Turtle Grove, later to be named The Army and Navy Brewery — a name that came from their most appreciative customers. After John Oland’s untimely death in 1870, Susannah,
with her three sons and the support of investors, changed the name to S. Oland, Sons and Co, continuing to run the brewery from their Turtle Grove site. The Dartmouth-based brewery was later destroyed in the Halifax Explosion, killing Susannah’s son Conrad and six other employees. It was later rebuilt, and the family branched out to New Brunswick. (First Photo: Turtle Grove Brewery Workers, 1890s. Second photo: Susannah and John Oland )