George Ramsay, ninth Earl of Dalhousie (1770–1838), was sworn in as lieutenant governor of Nova Scotia, serving from 1816 to 1820. He later became the governor general of Canada, and served from 1820 to 1828. He founded Dalhousie College in 1818 at the north end of the Grand Parade (moved in 1886 to a five-acre site on the South Common). He also provided funds for the maintenance of the Garrison Library (renamed the Cambridge Military Library, the oldest military library in Canada), located at Royal Artillery Park in Halifax. While in Nova Scotia, Dalhousie travelled the province and kept extensive diaries. (Also see Royal Artillery Park, October 29, 1934.). (Photo: The Right Honourable George Ramsay, Ninth Earl of Dalhousie, by John Elliott Woolford, c. 1840. National Gallery of Canada.)