Rev. Norman McLeod sailed from St. Ann’s, Nova Scotia to New Zealand. McLeod was born in Lochinver, Scotland. Later he was educated as a Presbyterian minister and immigrated to Pictou, Nova Scotia with his family in 1817. He developed a large following who were dubbed the Normanites. By 1820 he had moved his followers to St. Ann’s on Cape Breton Island. More immigrants arrived there from the Hebrides, speaking Gaelic. Life was hard with severe winters. Later he was influenced by correspondence from his son, Donald, in Australia, and at the age of 88, McLeod and his family with 150 Normanites built their own ships and set sail for Adelaide, AU, arriving in April 1852. Another 155 of his followers arrived in October. They later would move to Waipu, New Zealand. By 1860, more Normanites arrived and the community was to total 883 people, representing 19 Scottish clans. McLeod died in 1866. (Image: Rev. Norman McLeod. Wikipedia Creative Commons.)