African Nova Scotian poet and educator Maxine Tynes died (b.1949). She was an acclaimed poet (winner of the Milton Acorn People’s Poetry Award) and dedicated high school teacher. In 1986, she also became the first African Canadian woman to sit on Dalhousie’s Board of Governors, serving until 1994. Tynes is quoted as saying, “My poems are great shouts of the joy that I feel and share; the deep passion that rocks and caresses and embraces me and all that is part of my world and my life. The laments for lost heritage are there; but, then, so are the feelings of having found a centre and a self-acceptance and an identity in this Black and woman’s skin that I so joyfully wear . . . I wear it joyfully. I wear it big. I wear it womanly. And I wear it Black. Black. Black. As night, deep and soft and endless with no moon. Just black and perfect splendour in life and in being a woman in this world.” (Photo: Maxine Tynes. Atlantic Books Today.)