Ross Douglas Hamilton died (b. 1889). Known as ‘Marjorie’ in the Dumbells, he was a talented female impersonator from Pugwash, Nova Scotia. He had enlisted as a private with the Canadian Army during the First World War and served as an ambulance driver in France before being selected by Captain Merton Plunkett to join the Dumbells Canadian Army Third Division Concert Party as a soldier-entertainer. The Dumbells gained popularity across Canada and internationally after the war, touring North America as a vaudeville act until 1932. Hamilton rejoined the Army Medical Corps in the Second World War. In August 1941, Hamilton was quietly discharged from the army “for reasons other than medical,” allegedly for homosexual behaviour with some of the recruits. After the war, he continued as a professional entertainer, eventually retiring to Nova Scotia. (Photo: Ross Douglas Hamilton.