Colonel Stephen Blucke (1752–1792) with his wife Margaret, and two servants, led an all-black regiment called the Black Pioneers who had fought for the British during the American Revolution to settle in Birchtown, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia. Birchtown was named in honour of Brigadier-General Sam Birch, who issued “certificates of freedom” to the freed blacks who had evacuated New York. Blucke has been referred to as “the true founder of the Afro-Nova Scotian community.” In 1788, at his home on the Birchtown Road in Shelburne, Blucke entertained Prince William Henry. The house was designated a Historic Site on July 20, 1996. (Also see ‘A fleet of fifteen ships…’, January 15, 1792.). (Image: Passport for Cato Ramsay, by order of Brigadier General Birch, April 21, 1783. N.S. Archives).