Hold the Salt!

50+ quick & easy recipes to help you eliminate salt from your diet!

by Maureen Tilley

Simple to prepare, delicious recipes for anyone who wants to eat tasty and healthy dishes -- and reduce their blood pressure.

Here's help for anyone who wants easy-to-prepare recipes which are healthy, tasty and low in salt/sodium. More people are learning the benefits of low-salt eating, a proven way to reduce high blood pressure without relying on medication. This book is a companion full-colour cookbook to last fall's Delicious DASH Flavours that focuses on recipes that are quick, easy, and follow the DASH approach. Preparation time for every dish is 20 minutes or less.

The recipes are based on dishes from fine restaurants across Canada, with modifications where needed. They include Romaine Salad with Apple Maple Dressing (Briar's Inn at Jackson's Point); Pumpkin Seed Salad (Florentine Manor Heritage Inn, Albert); Manoir Victoria Grilled Chicken (Manoir Victoria, Quebec City); Cashew Rice with Cranberries (Maureen Tilley); and Gingerbread with Caramelized Apples (Prairies Ink Restaurant and Bakery, Saskatoon).

This book helps make it easy and appealing to follow the DASH approach. DASH, short for Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension, was developed by independent health researchers in the US who proved through two extensive research trials that this low-salt diet featuring lots of fruits and vegetables was as effective as drugs in lowering blood pressure. The diet they developed is now recommended by many health professionals in Canada and internationally.

About the Author

Maureen Tilley
MAUREEN TILLEY is a registered dietitian and graduate of Mount Saint
Vincent University. She was born and raised in Dartmouth, NS where she
lives. She has a passion for nutrition and loves to experiment with new recipes to prove healthy foods tastes delicious.


"An excellent new cookbook by dietitian, Maureen Tilley!"
The Canadian Stroke Network
"Hold the Salt! presents an accessible and tempting selection of recipes providing fifty ways to leave salt behind."
Valerie Mansour, Atlantic Books Today
"Tilley took tried-and-true favourites from kitchens across Canada and tweaked them just a little -- eliminating gratuitous seasoning here, adding herbal flavour accents there...Among the brilliant customized recipes is Honey-Peach-Lime Marinade created especially for the sodium-awareness campaign"
Ron Eade, The Ottawa Sun

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