Plunder & Pillage

Atlantic Canada's Brutal and Bloodthirsty Pirates and Privateers

by Harold Horwood

Plenty of fast-paced action by lawless pillagers and opportunists.
For over three hundred years, lawlessness in Canada flourished off Canada's east coast. Pirates roamed the North Atlantic, and master storyteller Harold Horwood recounts their action-filled careers, crimes and violent deaths. Privateerslicenced by governments to harass the enemyaimed to capture enemy ships and plunder their cargo.
Among the characters readers meet in these pages are the folk hero, Peter Easton, still celebrated as a great Newfoundlander and famed privateer Enos Collins, the wealthiest ship owner in British North America and owner of the Black Joke.
This new collection brings together the best of Harold Horwood's writing on pirates and privateers, and offers rich, edge-of-your-seat, highseas adventure.

About the Author

HAROLD HORWOOD combined a literary ambition with early experience as a labour union organizer and a close collaborator of Newfoundland's first premier Joey Smallwood in the campaign for Confederation. He later became an author, and with his organizing experience was the natural choice as founding vice-chair of The Writers' Union of Canada and later chair, 1980-81. He was the author 24 books in total; five fiction, many types of non-fiction, and one poetry anthology. He was appointed to the Order of Canada in 1980.


In Plunder & Pillage, a new collection of previously published work by the late Harold Horwood, readers are taken on a literary journey through the era of piracy on the high seas off our coast.
Ian Fairclough, Chronicle Herald
"While many of his 15 tales involve captains who stole and pillaged without any blood being spilled, not all hands are clean in this compilation of 300 years of seafaring villains who stole for themselves, or sometimes for king and country."
Ian Fairclough, The Nova Scotian

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