Recipes from Canada's Best Chefs

by Formac Publishing Company Limited

Innovative and classical recipes featuring rich, succulent salmon, adapted for your home kitchen.
Rich and succulent, Atlantic salmon is celebrated around the world: this cookbook offers an array of tempting and innovative salmon recipes, adapted for your home kitchen.
Browse through these pages for fresh ideas--Marinated Atlantic Salmon with a Trio of Peppercorns, refreshing Salmon Salad Niçoise. For an exotic entrée you can try Kedgeree, made with a hint of curry and smoked salmon. And there are classic dishes with a twist--Grilled Salmon with Leek Straw and Mango Salsa, or Salmon and Spinach Lasagna.
These recipes look as great as they taste--and anyone can make them! Photographed on location at some of the best restaurants and inns in the Atlantic region, the recipes have been tested and adapted for home cooking.
Salmon is another volume in the tantalizing Flavours series of fully illustrated cookbooks.

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