The new generation of Maritime sports stars

by Philip Croucher

The stories of young Maritime athletes, some known, some unknown, who have excelled

Maritimers take great pride in watching other Maritimers do well on the national and global stage. This book tells the inspiring stories of 12 athletes drawn from a variety of backgrounds and sports. Men and women, black and white, Acadian and Mi'kmaq, able-bodied and non able-bodied. The common thread: young people who grow up in the Maritimes, with backgrounds that every reader will recognize, can and do chalk up impressive achievements. And they stay true to their roots in doing so.

As CBC broadcaster Bruce Rainnie writes in the book's preface, "In every character-defining way, [the featured athletes are exactly the same today as before any money or acclaim entered their lives. No wonder we punch so far above our weight. No wonder so many of our stories are 'unlikely but possible.' And no wonder we relish in hearing these stories told, as Philip Croucher does so tastefully in this book. Quiet confidence, humility, and a rock-solid base. What a mix. What an unbeatable mix. What a Maritime mix."

About the Author

PHILIP CROUCHER is an award-winning journalist and is the managing editor of the Metro Halifax newspaper. He has written about sports in The Maritimes for more than a decade and is the former sports editor of the Halifax Daily News. He lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

BRUCE RAINNIE is known nationally for his work with CBC Sports. He is currently the President and CEO of the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame. He lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


"It's the twinning of these two feelings — that makes WInners: a New Generation of Maritime Sport Stars by Phillip Croucher so engaging. The book doesn't celebrate this country's biggest sports stars... Instead, Winners wakes us to a different, more powerful reality: Canadian athletes are kciking ass all the time — you just need to know where to look."
Chris Benjamin, Atlantic Books Today

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