Maddie in Danger

by Louise Leblanc

illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay

translated by Sarah Cummins

Maddie wants to see The Exterminator, an extremely violent movie.
All Maddie's friends get to see the latest TV shows and movies, but her parents think they're too violent. They think if Maddie watches them, she'll be marked for life.
But when their parents go away overnight, Maddie and her brother Alexander decide to stay up and watch the most violent movie of all--The Exterminator. While their grandmother sleeps upstairs, Maddie slips the cassette into the VCR--and is soon scared out of her wits. And when grandma finds out what they've watching, she sets out to teach them a lesson--one that will mark them for life.
Maddie in Danger is a story about a mischievous girl who knows what she wants; that is, until she gets it.

About the Authors

Louise Leblanc

LOUISE LEBLANC is an award-winning novelist and childrens writer. A native of Montreal she worked as a teacher a model an actress and a dancer before establishing her full-time writing career in 1985. Her Maddie books have appeared in French English Spanish and Danish editions.'

Marie-Louise Gay

MARIE-LOUISE GAY has won awards, including the Governor Generals Award for her children's book illustrations.'

Sarah Cummins


" are tightly woven and keep the reader interested."
Leonora Loft, Canadian Children's Literature

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