That’s Enough, Maddie!

by Louise Leblanc

illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay

translated by Sarah Cummins

Maddie has quite a problem. Her whole family, her dad, her mum, her brothers, and the baby are getting on her nerves.
Maddie has had enough. Enough of her parents telling her what to do. Enough of her grouchy brother Alexander and her goofy brother Julian. Enough of her adorable sister Angelbaby Sugarkins, even.
So Maddie decides to run away from home. She works out an elaborate plan: she packs a bag for her journey, she sabotages her schoolbus. But soon, walking down a strange street with nothing to eat, she panics. She runs to a busy shopping mall, but doesn't see anyone she knows. She gets terribly lost in a deep, dark forest. Just when she thinks all hope is lost, however, Maddie discovers a surprise that changes everything.
That's Enough, Maddie! is a story about the difficulties of everyday family life, and the dangers of acting impulsively.

About the Authors

Louise Leblanc

LOUISE LEBLANC is an award-winning novelist and childrens writer. A native of Montreal she worked as a teacher a model an actress and a dancer before establishing her full-time writing career in 1985. Her Maddie books have appeared in French English Spanish and Danish editions.'

Marie-Louise Gay

MARIE-LOUISE GAY has won awards, including the Governor Generals Award for her children's book illustrations.'

Sarah Cummins


"Maddie is a particularly delightful combination of determination and sensitivity."
Canadian Book Review Annual

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