The Swank Prank

by Bertrand Gauthier

illustrated by Daniel Dumont

translated by Sarah Cummins

Hank and Frank Swank are twins.  They look exactly alike, but they are not alike in any other way!

Frank and Hank Swank are identical twins: they look exactly the same, their fingerprints are the same, their bellybuttons are the same. No one, not even their parents, can tell them apart.
They're like two pieces of a puzzle, like one person with the advantage of two bodies. Hank is good at sports and math. Frank is best at reading and geography. So they combine their talents to convince their teachers that they're the best single student in the school. When their teachers get suspicious, however, they talk to the Swank parents about their boys. Frank and Hank are identically worried.
The Swank Prank! is a story about the unique advantages, and unique challenges, faced by close siblings.

About the Authors

Bertrand Gauthier

BERTRAND GAUTHIER has written many books for young readers and has won several awards for his work including the Canada Council Award.

Daniel Dumont

DANIEL DUMONT is a graphic artist and illustrator whose work has appeared in magazines, books and textbooks.

Sarah Cummins

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