JULES PRUD’HOMME is an artist and art director, and has worked in animation for children’s television programs.

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  • Leo's Skiing Surprise

    Life as a vampire is tough when you're a kid. So this year Leo has come up with an idea for the best Christmas present ever for his friend -- a night of skiing! But there is a huge storm brewing, and suddenly the trip has become a nightmare.
    $5.95, Paperback
    Interest ages: 6-9
    Lexile Reading Level: 450L
  • Leo's Midnight Rescue

    One evening Leo's friend Julio disappears. Leo and his classmate Butch are very worried because Julio is a vampire and cannot be exposed to daylight. The boys have to get as much help as they can to find Julio before daybreak.
    $5.95, Paperback
    Interest ages: 6-9
    Lexile Reading Level: 500L
  • Leo's Poster Challenge

    Leo is constantly bullied at school by classmate Butch. At home, he is lonely because his parents won't allow him to see his vampire friend Julio. But when Julio tries to help Leo enter a poster contest, Butch accuses Leo of cheating.
    $5.95, Paperback
    Lexile Reading Level: 440L
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