Horse-Drawn Carriages and Sleighs

Elegant Vehicles from New England and New Brunswick

by Peter Dickinson and Richard Wilbur

photographs by Brian Atkinson

This full-colour book focuses on the full range of vehicles North America's craft-men laboured over -- from the impressive opera bus to the more practical ox wagon.

For many years some of the finest craftsmen throughout North America laboured in factories large and small to produce carriages and sleighs. This book celebrates their skills and artistry.

This full-colour book presents the full range of vehicles they produced: carts, carriages, sleighs, buggies and slovens -- from the very grand opera bus to the functional ox wagon. The text looks at design developments, the variety of usage and technological details.

This book draws on one of the finest collections of horse-drawn vehicles in North America, at New Brunswick's Kings Landing Settlement near Fredericton, with photographs were taken on site with animators in period costume and horses harnessed. It shows how the carriage-making industry in New Brunswick developed over time, relative to the development of roads.

About the Authors

Peter Dickinson

PETER DICKINSON is a historian at Kings Landing Historical Settlement, Prince William, New Brunswick. He lives in Beaver Dam.

Richard Wilbur

Richard Wilbur
RICHARD WILBUR has maintained a dual career as a teacher of Canadian history and a freelance journalist. His books include Rise of French New Brunswick and Silver Harvest, the Fundy Weirmen's Story, which won the Canadian Historical Association Regional Certificate Award. He lives in St. Andrews NB.

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