The Heart of Ancient Wood

by Charles G. D. Roberts

introduction by Thomas Hodd

A terrifying encounter in the New Brunswick woods forces a young woman to question her beliefs.

Set in the late nineteenth century in New Brunswick, The Heart of the Ancient Wood tells the tale of a mother and daughter who move to the woods to escape vicious gossip in the town. Despite the isolation they soon create a comfortable home for themselves and come to know the animals who live in the area. Years go by and Miranda becomes reacquainted with a young man that she knew when they were both children. Their potential romance is hindered by their conflicting philosophies about the natural world until one day when a terrifying encounter forces Miranda to question many of her ideals.

About the Authors

CHARLES G.D. ROBERTS (1860-1943) was a noted Canadian poet and novelist. He attended UNB and was a professor at King's College, Nova Scotia. Among his many novels are Heart of the Ancient Wood and The Forge in the Forest both also reprinted in the "Formac Fiction Treasures" series.

Thomas Hodd is an Atlantic-Canadian literature specialist who wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on Charles G.D. Roberts. Born and raised in New Brunswick, he currently works in Toronto.

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