The Summer Between Us

by Andre Fenton

Award-winning African Nova Scotian writer Andre Fenton’s third novel tackles contemporary social issues such as class difference and colourism in the Black community in this vibrant coming-of-age story.

"An empowering journey of self-actualization and a look at the intimate bonds that shape a person." — Kirkus Reviews

This coming-of-age story follows eighteen-year-old Adrian Carter as he graduates from high school and confronts difficult decisions about his future, all while dealing with the stress and pressure he feels to please those closest to him. As Adrian navigates the emotional highs and lows of the summer between graduation and the post-secondary future, he negotiates the difficulties of forging a path in life against others’ expectations.

Despite his wish to follow his longtime girlfriend Mel on her cross-country trip with her band, Adrian is hesitant about spending too much time in the punk’s scenes majority-white spaces. Adrian struggles with these feelings and works to find common ground with his emotionally distant father. Meanwhile he starts to understand that his own passion is grounded in a desire to support a community he’s forged on his own.

Dealing with important themes (a desire for independence, identity, first love, familial tensions) from the nuanced perspective of a biracial teen, this story tackles key contemporary social issues. Class differences, colourism in the Black community and the structural barriers limiting access to post-secondary education for Black youth are all embedded in Andre Fenton’s readable narrative.

About the Author

Andre Fenton

ANDRE FENTON is an award-winning young adult author, spoken word artist and arts educator. He has written two previous novels, Worthy of Love and ANNAKA. Andre’s work focuses on race, self-esteem and creating more representation and diversity in young adult fiction. He lives in Halifax.



In The Summer Between Us, Andre Fenton, once again, graciously draws readers into the lives of such tangible and vibrant characters. With palpable empathy and a profound understanding of the complexities of relationship dynamics, Fenton invites us into the protagonist, Adrian Carter's, interior world as he navigates race and racism, desire, belonging, community, and family tensions. A moving and victorious coming of age story, The Summer Between Us is vivid with hope and the excitement of possibilities. 


Francesca Ekwuyasi, Author, Butter Honey Pig Bread

"...don’t be fooled into thinking you’re too old to read Fenton’s work. The kids he casts in amber across the pages of The Summer Between Us are dealing with serious stuff, the likes of which it takes most of us well into adulthood to figure out...questions of identity, fidelity and how to stay true to yourself without disappointing those you love."

Morgan Mullin, The Coast

"At its core, The Summer Between Us is a fresh coming-of-age novel that uses the summer between high school and university as a microcosm for character development...through such reflective moments, Fenton effectively navigates a variety of hard topics and pressing issues, all within an engaging story of love, loss and the excitement of possibility."  

Gemma Marr, Atlantic Books Today

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