Wave Watch

by Lesley Choyce

Randy can surf the waves better than anyone else at Lawrencetown.

Randy can surf the waves better than anyone else at Lawrencetown.  When his beach is invaded by townies, he's willing to show them how to catch waves, and he's quickly accepted as one of the gang.  With the money he's earning at his summer job, he can even afford the latest gear - and a flashy car.  Every day Cathy comes to the beach with her boyfriend Brian.  She seems to like Randy, and he doesn't mind the attention.  That leads to complication ... and some wild adventures out on the waves.  In the water Randy is a hero, but on dry land - it's a whole lot trickier!

About the Author

Lesley Choyce

Lesley Choyce
LESLEY CHOYCE is a novelist and poet living at Lawrencetown Beach in Nova Scotia. A former grand champion of the Men's Open Canadian National Surfing Championships, he surfs on the Atlantic coast year-round, along with running a literary publishing house and teaching English at Dalhousie University. He also has a regular nationally-broadcast program on Vision TV called Off the Page with Lesley Choyce. He is the author of more than fifty books of poetry, fiction and non-fiction for adults and children, including Carrie's Crowd and Go For It Carrie. His writing has earned him several awards, including two Dartmouth Book Awards and the Ann Connor Brimer Award for the Young Adult novel Good Idea Gone Bad. Five of his previous Formac novels have received the Canadian Children's Book Centre's "Our Choice" Award. The Ottawa Citizen calls him "a national treasure."


"A realistic view of a teenager's attempts to fit in with the 'cool' crowd."
The Chronicle-Herald


Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice Selection

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